Power & Conveyor belt

Rubber belt product is one of ZSG Group business. We manufacture an extensive line of conveyor belt and V belt products constructed from polyester, polyester cotton, nylon and other fabrics to meet the most demanding bulk materials and various industrial applications. 

The product and service range reaches from expert advise, professional planning, conveyor belt and v belttechnology and installation. Extensive testing and development methods ensure that our services are of excellent quality and our products in prime condition

We offer various product including EP conveyor belt, NN conveyor belt, Steel cord conveyor belt, Flame retardant conveyor belt, High temperature resistant conveyor belt, Chevron conveyor belt, Cold resistant conveyor belt, Rubber V belt, Raw edge cogged v belt, Banded v belt, Agricultural v belt, Motor v belt, Variable speed v belt, etc. Customized service can be offered any time.